Monday, July 03, 2006


The furniture debacle is over! Yes, it's over! We have made a decision. We went with the light khaki suede microfiber sofa and loveseat. We went back to get it on Saturday and also found a leather bench ottoman to go with it. J has wanted a large leather ottoman for the den since we moved in, we'd just never found the right one. But then, there it was. The perfect color, the perfect size, the right "look" (no nailheads, minimal stitching, not button tufted), it was everything. Plus the feet on it are very complimentary to the feet on our new sofas. It's so exciting! We feel as if we're in a different house because suddenly our two living spaces have been transformed.

We (I) have fabrics in mind and we're going to cover pillows and the trunk top that sits to the side of the den. I'm also going to make a tie up shade for the French door. That way I won't be so scared if J is out of town and I'm in there by myself! (Who are we kidding? When J is out of town I surround myself with friends or shut the bedroom door to watch tv or go straight to sleep. I'm a wimp and I'm not ashamed!). We're going to move the bookshelves around (maybe, I'm not sold on this but J wants to do it) and paint the inside blue along with a shelf over the entertainment center. We already have a great chocolate brown chenille throw for the basket downstairs, some fabulous lamps that we've already set up on the end tables, and we've made a plan for the decor. Perhaps a rustic looking map for behind the sofa and I'm ordering wedding pics for over the mantle. We also have pictures in our bedroom that we're going to move downstairs since I'm going cottage chic in there.

It's so exciting! (Yes, I'm excited over sofas, also guilty of being excited over silicone bakeware and anything with a kitchen aid label, especially the stand mixer and food processor!) I'm glad we have a room to decorate in brown and blue. Everyone is invited over to hang out in our new "man den."

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