Monday, July 03, 2006

Weekend Highlights

Besides buying new furniture, my weekend seemed to be full of excitement.

I have a date!
Friday evening J took me on a date! We went to the movies and snuck in candy and soda. It was like being a poor college kid only married. But I'm cheap so I don't want to pay more than thirty three cents for my Reese's Cup and the theatre doesn't have Diet Dr. Pepper Berries and Cream which is my current flavor of choice.

Garage Sale
When we got home it was time to set up for our impromptu garage sale. We have plans to have a "NEWLYWEDS GARAGE SALE" with S and B after their wedding and honeymoon. But we were tired of looking at all of that stuff in the "garage sale room" and in the garage, that we thought we'd just put a sign up by the road and go with it. Thanks to my marketing ploy we had some great business. My signs were awesome! They said "Just Married" with an X through it and then "Garage Sale" with an arrow! How cool is that? Anyway, we made a whopping $200 and I'm not even sure what we sold. All the big stuff (and good stuff) is still left for our Newlyweds Garage Sale with the other couple. So exciting. Let me tell you, merging our stuff (which we had too much of anyway) plus all of the wonderful wedding gifts has left us with more than plenty to get rid of. We've given away so much stuff to our friends, too (dishes, pots and pans, sofas, tables, dressers, etc.) and we still have plenty for a Garage Sale Extravaganza! I'd also like to mention that we picked the hottest day of the year to spend the morning on our blacktop driveway. It was rather comparable to Hell--but I did get some good sun.

Saturday afternoon we bought our furniture! For more info see the previous post. We even went and picked it up on Saturday so we didn't have to wait for delivery. It was very exciting!

Dumpster Diving
Also Saturday evening my hubby and I had a darling little date of Dumpster Diving. Now, now! Don't laugh. My papasan (which is sadly going in the garage sale) and the futon (which is living at T-Ho's) were both brought back to life from the White Columns dumpster! People really throw out good stuff. (We may also have a grill that was sitting in Northshore Woods.) There was a house on our street that had a lawn mower and an old wooden wheelbarrow out by the curb. J likes to work on things so seeing that lawn mower was like a toy store for him. And the wheelbarrow, an old wooden wheelbarrow, SCORE! A house on the adjacent street had a desk by the curb. J had been eyeing it for 2 days. So we stop by to check it out, realize it's fabulous and put it in the blazer. Well we didn't just put it in the blazer because it wouldn't fit. Instead we both developed hernias trying and it was still sticking out of the back. But that wasn't stopping J.
Absolutely not. He jumped in the back, held onto it, and made me drive the mile or so home. Yes-everyone knows we're from H and S counties now because we totally rednecked it up. Upon unloading the desk into our garage (which he is so excited to fix the top and give to my good friend Alice) we went down the street for the other goods. But much to our dismay, they were gone! Yes, gone! Someone beat us to it. Those (expletives!). Oh we are so easily entertained! As for Alice, she's so excited about her new desk that she could nearly pee her pants!

The Ghetto Fabulous Family
There is a family on the adjacent street to us that we often get a good chuckle at and refer to them as the "Ghetto Fabs." At any given time when you drive by you can see a man mowing the lawn, shirt off, gut hanging out, and (drum roll please!) beer in hand! Yeah baby--he's just cruising along on his riding mower. All he needs is hydraulics. One day last week they were all out in the front yard hanging out in lawn chairs. This is only odd because they have a very large, flat backyard and everyone knows that you congregate in the back yard! Besides, it's a rather busy, curvy street they live on. Not so friendly for families and kids to be living it up next to the idiot drivers. So this weekend the Ghetto Fabs took it one step further and had a grill and blow up swimming pool out there. Yeah--they're just hanging out doing their thang and waving to all the folks on the road.

Now I'm sure you thinking what J and I already hee-hawed over. We (the rednecks of the neighborhood) obviously have room to talk about the Ghetto Fabs. HA! No, we don't, but doesn't that make it more entertaining.

Home Depot
Another hot date from that romantic little thing! We went to the Home Depot after church. I was excited about it though because we bought the stuff to landscape our front yard and make it pretty, pretty! I hope my roses and hydrangeas bloom nicely. I'm sure tomorrows 90something degree weather with 80something percent humidity will make for a lovely day of landscaping.

Car Washing
Sunday evening after I spend some quality time at the pool J and I washed our cards. We quite possibly had the dirtiest cars in the world. We had to scrape and scrub whatever stuff the off of his blazer that the idiots at the wedding used to paint on it. With mine, there was no excuse, it was gross. Between the outer layer of disgusting dirt and the actual surface that was my car, we found midgets, houses, clowns, zoo animals, and even a remote tribal village from a third world country. Yeah--told you it was nasty!

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girl from the south said...

I may want to lay a claim on the papasan, depending on what apartment we get. It's looking like I'm not taking my denim "sofa," but the sofa my mom has in her office. The Papasan would look great with it.

There were always some interesting things in the White Columns dumpster. I think we served as the trash recepticle for the entire Fort.