Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Furniture Update

J and I went back to the furniture store on lunch today. Furniture store hours are so silly. Most close at 6 and J doesn't get off work until 6. So at lunch we went to check out the coveted leather furniture again. Sadly though, we didn't like it this time. Yes, I know that if you read the other post about how this furniture was the Alpha and Omega of furniture, you're shocked. So were we. I'm not sure how we went from love, love, loving it, to blah. But we did.

The color and style was right, but when we sat down we felt like it sank too much. We tried out every other leather sofa in the store and all but one sank like that as well. I just couldn't handle it. J turned out not to like it either. Then I was afraid that because the price was too good to be true, and perhaps it was a reflection of the quality. The seams looked good...but how do I know? How many leather sofa seams have I looked at and tested? It's just the old lady in me. I have to ask a million practical questions.

Beyond that, the chair was going to be too plush and oversized for the office. J wants a more sleek look and smaller chair in there. But don't you worry---he found one that will probably come home with us.

So the choices have changed and we're now looking at the others we liked. We're also going to check a few more stores even though we have most likely already picked out the one we're going to get. Again, that's how I am. I want to check every possible viable option before committing.

Good thing I was pretty sure of J though. If I were still going through every possible viable option I could not be worry about this sofa dilemma and could have worse things to deal with.

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