Friday, June 23, 2006


Yesterday after work I had a million errands to run. I don't much enjoy the mall or the west traffic so luckily I could do most everything at the new TC Shopping Center. I do so love the new Pavilion there.

I feel like I'm in a different world when I'm out there. For some reason it feels so beachy to me. I would love to live in a charming seaside town and that's how I feel when I shop there. Also with the 91% humidity in My Town, it really did feel like the beach.

I had a long and semi rough day yesterday so it was nice to feel like I was making an escape while just running errands.

Of course as luck would have it I wasn't able to do all of my errands there and still had to go to the mall followed by the grocery store. When did I get so old? When did my evenings consist of running errands and going to the grocery?

I'm going to need to hush now before I age myself another 10 years by typing.

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