Monday, May 19, 2008

Poor Pitiful Me

J is out of town again.

Boo hoo hoo hoo hoooooooooooo!

I always look forward to a little alone time, and I enjoy it for approximately 31.6 seconds and then I'm over it. Over it I tell you.

I did take a nap when he left Sunday afternoon. We'd had a super busy weekend with early mornings and late nights and I needed a little beauty rest. But when I woke up I was ready for him to be home.

Since he wasn't this is how the rest of my day went: channel surf to no avail, let the dog out, eat ice cream, check locks on doors, check email, write letters, check locks on the doors, let the dog out, dust, sweep and vacumm floors, shut blinds and check doors. have a glass of merlot, watch Desperate Housewives, have a glass of merlot (hey--I've got to be able to sleep!) tell the dog to hold it til morning because it's dark out there and check all the doors again, finish off merlot and call the hubs to tell him how brave I am and that I'm sleeping with the gun.

I think I handled the whole thing quite well.

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