Friday, May 09, 2008

Overdue Pictures

Enough of the pity party. Here are pictures of my exciting and busy weekend, last weekend.

Here are a few shots of the Derby Party. Clearly on the hat my motto was "go big or go home!" I whipped up the little sash and scarf for the dress and hat and think it turned out quite darling. I have some great pictures of the lavish property the party was held on but alas it's taking too long to upload. The centerpieces were large red roses in silver mint julep cups and they were darling. I should have taken a picture of the buffet where I ate three helpings of cheese grits with the trimmings. I'm nothing if not Southern.

Saturday night we party-hardy'ed for Mrs. O's graduation from PHARMACY SCHOOL and her sister's birthday. Her sister just got pinned from pharmacy school and will graduate next year. Check out the cool monogramed drink umbrella coozie they're sporting, ahem! The middle shot is the group of girls and the lovely Addy joined us! I'm so glad she's back. The last shot is because I have no idea what J and JA are doing, but isn't my husband hot?

The above are from my cute little friend S's baby shower tea that R and I hosted for her at my house last Sunday. Isn't she the cutest little preggo thing? This is her first baby and she is being suprised with the gender. Therefore I monogrammed all neutral items. My favorite was the burp cloth that said "if you think I'm cute you should see my mommy's bunco friends." I'll have to find picture of it, surely I have some. The other pics are of the food, drink carts, etc. I think the whole thing turned out darling and I was so pleased with it, as was S and the guests. We didn't do much for games. We each brought a baby picture of ourself and everyone had to guess who it was and the winner recieved a prize. The other game was a baby pool. Everyone put in $3 (keeping it real with bunco!) and took guesses at height, weight, date, and gender. The person who gets the most correct or the closest wins the pot. Now that's a baby shower game I can get on board with.


Platinum Rose said...

You throw a really nice party! Everything looked so fun, wish I could have come along too!

Cakabaker said...

Love the hat and sash, great job. I think when I need a party thrown I will be calling :)