Thursday, May 08, 2008

The parents too.

I'm going to miss the parents too. Papa R is rather entertaining, especially when he's been overserved. Although he can be a total jackass, he is loads of fun. No to mention all the times I was afraid to go home to my apartment late at night and alone and he offered to take me. Yes, his drunken self who couldn't walk a straight line, er uh, any line was going to drive/follow me home and protect me. I decided to tough it out with the bad guys. Still, a nice gesture.

Mama R...what will I do without her? She gives me all the best advice and greatest tips on cooking, entertaining, decorating, being crafty, and not to mention she's tried her very best to give me a green thumb. She's the closest thing too a mother/sister I've had and she's supposed to be there when I have my babies.

Seriously, I think we're going to have to move and follow them. When we were pretty sure I was going to lose my job J suggested that he could always just get a new job and we'd move. Maybe now is the time so I can follow my kiddos.

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