Wednesday, May 07, 2008

And also,

Who's going to give me flowers, fresh picked from his own little garden? Who will I do the silly wave with? Will anyone else do the tickly bath and play with their piggies as a treat if they wash their hair good? Who will do our special bedtime routine?

No more calling asking me to come visit. No more random visits and long walks on the boulevard. Will they remember all the races we had from tree to tree on the boulevard? Who will take them to the library on cold winter Saturday mornings? Who will walk them to the playground only to walk to the other playground on the other side of the neighborhood just because they want to?

Who will watch the animal planet just so they can wind down? And then ten minutes into it be glued to whatever ridiculous show is on and hold the sleeping child for an hour? Who will teach Bear and new baby the baby sign language that I taught boyfriend and girlfriend? Who will let them bake and decorate holiday themed cookies with wild abandon?

Who will go to soccer games to cheer them on? Who will watch gymnastics shows? Who will take them to the ball field to practice their throwing and hitting? Who will let them feed the ducks on the river? Who will cuddle up and have a sleepover with them just because they ask and then let them eat brownies for breakfast before their parents wake up?

Who will create fun art projects for them to do? Who will take them to the movies? Who will let them eat popcorn and candy for dinner and call it nutritious? Who will teach them fun made-up songs? Who will paint girlfriends fingernails and toenails? Whose hair will she do with her new beauty kit? Who will read them the same dumb, annoying book roughly 376 times in a row?

Who will take them to play in the huge water fountain at the museum park? Who will make special picnic lunches for the treehouse? Who will go to Target the day after Halloween and stock up on dress up clothes for them to play with? Who will ever take care of and love these children like I do? Well, except maybe for their parents.

I feel like they're my babies. I'm their La La. Will they ever have another La La?


Platinum Rose said...

I'm so sorry :-( This just really sucks!

Platinum Rose said...

I'm so sorry :-( This just really sucks!