Monday, May 05, 2008

Mission Yoga Pants: SUCCESS!

After eight stores and three days I'm proud to report that Misson Yoga Pants was a huge success!

Day One:
First stop: Target. I didn't like that the pants were too spandex-y. My thighs and rear looking like cottage cheese isn't fabulous,

Second stop: Old Navy. For the love of all things good clean up that hell hold Old Navy! Would you? Please? I broke in hives in the first 1.8 seconds inside and ran for the door while breathing in a paper bag.

Day Two:
First and only stop: Kohl's. The ad said they had Danksin pants and as a life long cheerleader I do love me some Danskin. They can make a mean sports bra for those of us who have been growing their girls since they were nine, FYI. Anyway, after finally finding that athletic wear section none of the plants met all of my criteria. And I only half looked as it was a hot mess too and I can't deal with hot messes people! Can. not. deal.

Day Three:

I meant business on day three. I'd find the damn pants or else.

First stop: TJ Maxx. Too long, too short, too tight, too ugly, too much like a tent on my petite body.

Second stop: Ross. Same bad story, same bad channel: Too long, too short, too tight, too ugly, too much like a tent on my petite body.

Although both of the above store had some great shorts, which I don't really wear, and a fabulous golf and tennis skirt that I must have but sticking too the mission I was finding yoga pants! Yoga pants it is!

Third stop: The dreaded Wal-Hell that makes me want to cry real tears. I was told they too sold Danskin so I relented to a quick visit. The pants didn't do it for me, too spandex-y. However I may make a trip back to see if they've gotten any cotton pants or crops. Also, where on this earth do they find the special breed of people at Wal-Hell? Where? I should have insisted they stamp my passport on the way out as it's totally a foreign land.

Fourth stop: Old Navy 2. This is a larger and nicer ON and was actually tidy. I found a great pair of capris and I liked the pants, but they were a little off. And as I said I had to find the perfect pants to work it! (Que RuPaul: You better work (work it girl!) do yo' thang!" Oh, was that just me?). So although I loved the capris and the pants even came in brown, I was sticking to my mission of the perfect black yoga pant.

Fifth stop: Target 2. This is a larger Target as well and for some reason it seems to occasionally have different items than my normal Target. In this case they had the perfect pant only more cotton than spandex. AND! AND! AND! The yoga pants come in lengths! Length sizes I tell you! How is that for fancy? The petite lengthwas perfect on my short little stems and make me feel like a rockstar. Although full price (shudder!) at $20 I see them as a worthy investment and an economical choice to need on short notice.

Later I decided I needed the matching jacket to look totally polished and to totally work it and made a quick swing in Target of the Scenic City on Saturday night for the purchase. My, my, my what an impulsive Mrs. M I've become. I'll be back to the Clearance rack now if you need me.

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audreybreier said...

I'm glad you found some yoga pants! I love Target!! As far as Wal-Mart...Wal-Mart is based out of where I live, so the home office is here. Almost everyone here is employed in some way with Wal-mart or is a vendor for's craziness! Hubby and I don't work for them though :)