Friday, May 02, 2008

Derby Party and Mint Juleps

Tonight J and I are attending a Derby Eve party this evening. It's in a garden on the lake and you know what? There will be mint juleps galore.

Hi I'm Mrs. M and I'll be the one with a Mint Julep in each hand, and one in my purse for good measure.

I'm also excited because the invite states "hats and chic attire." Yippie I get to wear a big hat!

Remember this dress (the blue one)? And do you see this hat (the big tan sunhat)? Well imagine them with a fancy polka dot sash and scarf and strappy kitten heels. Oh and chunky pearls because we are in the South don't ya know! Darling, yes? And you know what? I made the sash and scarf. Oh yes I did! I'm rather proud of this ensemble as it is tres bargainista friendly!

Oh, and J is wearing seersucker...purrrrr!!!

I'll be sure to share pictures.

Good thing I'm on Sabbatical as I'd never have time to do my hair and nails if I had to be in the office all day.

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Platinum Rose said...

Have a great time! Sounds like fun! Can't wait to see pics!