Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Mexican Fiesta

If there is one thing a Southern girl can do it's throw a party!

Here are pictures from last week when I hosted Bunco. The host prepares all the food and everyone brings their own drinks. We all, well most, come ready to eat dinner (everyone works except one girl, and now me and the other but currently not by choice) after a long day and get annoyed at those who put out pretzels and hummus. Therefore, I aim to please. The fiesta was a crowd pleaser and economical to feed a dozen women.
You can see I used my cute monogrammed M plates, perfect for get togethers like this. I assembled the food around the counter so that we could graze all night while using the table to play. The line started with the three tiered tray of taco shells and quesedillas. The moved on to the filler bar of refried beans, cheese, and taco beef. Next was the tray off add-ons such as lettuce, tomato, pico de gallo, guacamole, and sour cream.

The buffet ended with chips and salsa and also a tasty crock pot of queso blanco. Not to forget about the sweet tooth I had several trays of double chocolate fudge cupcakes with whipped chocolate mousse icing. Divine!!
(You may noticed from the pictures that people had already been eating by the time I began snapping!)


JayJenny said...

I am already hungry for lunch... YUM!!

Platinum Rose said...


Alicia said...

You really are THE hostess with the mostest! ;-)

Michelle said...

Yum-o! Looks wonderful...and I've already had dinner. LOL. Do you share recipes or are they family secrets? That queso blanco looks delish and so do your double chocolate fudge cupcakes with whipped chocolate mousse icing!!

Kristen Miller said...

Yum! You sure can throw a party...I wish I could come. :)