Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Three day weekends--I love them. I was so excited for this past weekend because I had a project for J and I. When we moved into our house we painted every room except for the bathrooms. We decided to hold out until after the wedding. So this past weekend was the time. First I want to say that I was very disappointed that I was not lying lazily by the pool for most of the weekend, or any of the weekend. With that being said, I do think the hard work on painting paid off and was well worth it. Although I'm glad to have it over and can't wait for the next beautiful sunny weekend to enjoy outdoors.

So we painted the master bath with a tone on tone green glazed stripe. We have white textiles and linens with stainless steel accessories. It looks amazing. It's very spa-like. The painting itself didn't take too long, but taping off the stripes--wow! Who new taping 6 inch stripes would be so laborious and time consuming. We sure didn't. I'm happy about that though. If we had known we may not have done it and I do love how it looks. I'm sure it took longer for us since I'm OCD and had the laser level on all of the stripes to make sure they were perfect.

I liked the look so much that I did the bottom half of the dining area beneath the chair rail the same way. It adds such an element of cozy to the room. When you walk in it just feels like a place that is well kept and precise. I love it.

For the guest bath we did a two tone textured look. The basecoat is a golden undertoned neutral that is in our common areas. The bottom half of the wall is a darker khaki that is used in the master bedroom and office. We did a dragging technique that makes it look distressed and textured. It's separated by chair rail. It looks so nice! It makes that room feel very inviting and I can't wait to have guests--which is this weekend!

So although this dominated our day off, the end product was worth it. If we put it off to enjoy the outdoors it wouldn't have happened until next year. Our weekends seem so busy! Plus I was just super anxious to get it finished. I love making our home feel cozy and inviting. We're lucky to have found a home that will be more than a 2 or 3 year started home. Hopefully it will last at least 4 years. I think it could last longer but I want to be in a neighborhood with a community pool. Of course J would like to be on a golf course. Either way--the quicker we do projects, the longer we have to enjoy them in our home no matter how many years we stay there. Up next for the indoors: cornice boards and new window treatments in the master bedroom. Up next for the outdoors: a deck, more landscaping, and painting our gardening shed. This should be a fun and interesting summer.

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