Friday, May 26, 2006

Wedding Registry Pet Peeves

We all have our pet peeves, and one of my (new) big ones is wedding registries. I know that I'm anal, picky, type-A, and perhaps no one else really cares about wedding registries. I hope no one takes offense to any of my thoughts because nearly all of my friends are guilty of my wedding registry faux pas.

First I want to say that I love registering! It is so much fun and you can get carried away running through your favorite stores with that little clicking gun in your hands. I was hopping around like a bunny at Easter with all of my excitement! But I also thought of my friends and family and what they would realistically buy me (us) and what I really needed with just a few wants. Being the anal, picky, type-A, that I am I was adamant that J and I make a spreadsheet of our wants and what store we wanted it at before we left. (Don't act surprised, we all know I'm type-A.) This way we didn't get click happy and forget anything essential or not even know what was on our registries. In conclusion, we received nearly everything we'd registered for. What we didn't receive we got gift cards and cash to purchase.

Wedding registries are essential for you to make a wish list of things you need to set up a home and begin your life together. Mostly this seems to be kitchen items, at least it did for J and I. We enjoy cooking/baking/grilling/entertaining and were excited to get new and improved gadgets. Other common items include shower curtains, towels, and bathroom accessories. Most couples needs duvets or comforters and sheet sets. Occasionally there are couples in need of furniture. But I think this is about where the registry should end.

Let me repeat: Wedding registries are essential for you to make a wish list f things you need to set up a home and begin you lives together. You do not need play station, x-box, any other game system paraphernalia and games to do that. You do not need the boxed set of all of you favorite sitcoms from MASH to Friends. You do not need garden ducks, stationary, CD's, board games, cameras, aromatherapy massage tables with robotic masseuse and other such ridiculous items. No! No! No! These items are not for you as a couple to start your life. If you want the entire boxed set of the Golden Girls then as your honey to buy it for you for your birthday. It is not a wedding type gift. Besides, it's on the Lifetime Network about 10 times per day.

Another pet peeve are those who register for a vast amount of ridiculous crap, when they don't even have the essentials. Why on earth would you register for cocktail plates, party plates, Easter platters, and other such useless items when you don't even have everyday dishes. Start with the basics people. I personally would rather have my everyday dishes, glasses, and completer set before getting a 4th of July or Birthday Party platter, cake, stand, and plates. Likewise I'd rather have my standard utensil set instead of random candles and stationary. Are you seeing my point?

Lastly (at least I think it's last), is greediness. J and I did register for wild card items like our Kitchen Aid stand mixer and matching food processor, (which we happily received both!). We also registered for China. But we were also very reasonable and sensible. We didn't register for $30 teacups. We didn't register for silver so expensive that someone would have to break out their 401k to buy a set, and we didn't register for super overpriced picture frames and candlesticks that are only that way because they are Vera, Kate, Waterford, or other such labels that no one really sees. We didn't register for multiple duvets so we can change it out weekly (but I'm sure I'll make more than one for our bed(s)). And we didn't think a kayak, horse, zoo, or small country was necessary. Again, are you seeing my point?

I believe that some people just get big eyed and greedy at the thought of people buying them all of this stuff. And the sad part is the expensive stuff is probably what they never use, and eventhough they will receive items, will never complete the sets. No one wants you buy you two full sets of China for you to store in boxes under the bed. J and I use our China often just because I feel we are special enough to deserve it. Everyday is good enough for China. In fact, I believe we will use it tonight for our hamburgers and french fries. (I just hate that handwashing part!)

So call me Emily Post if you will (well, that's actually Addy or her mother!), but let's recap Mrs. M's Rules of Registering:

1. Stick to the basics, what you need to set up your home and begin you life together.

2. Don't register for random, senseless things that are unimportant when you don't even have the everyday essentials. Basically, don't be an idiot and use common sense.

3. Quit being so greedy. Enough said!

There, I've been waiting to say that for a very long time. I hope I still have friends.

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