Thursday, May 25, 2006

When I Get Old

When I get old I want to be a cute and trendy old lady. I still want to wear little heels and have a trendy cut pantsuit with a scarf. I want to wear jeans and appropriate sandals with a festive top and the appropriate jacket/shawl/wrap. I want to wear flouncy skirts about my knees with sweater sets adorned with whatever the trendy thing is. I hope I can still be very vogue as an old lady.

What I do not want is to fall into that I'm-an-old-lady-rut. I will not shop at old lady stores, I will not wear horrid old lady shoes, and I will never sport the skirt as an underwire look. Furthermore I will not wear pantyhose with open toes under any circumstances. And I will not trick myself into thinking that sandlefoot pantyhose with open toes are ok, because it's not. You can be old, wear age appropriate clothing, be comfortable, and still look nice. By the time I get old, I hope that Cosmo has developed the old lady edition to keep all the young sides of old ladies hip and trendy, even in the upper years.

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