Wednesday, May 24, 2006

An Obsession

I still have an obsession with weddings and all that surround them. I'm especially enthralled with bridal magazines. There's nothing more I want right now than to go get the new Modern Bride. I love Modern Bride! It, along with Bridal Guide, Brides, and Martha Stewart Weddings were by far my favorites. In fact, I wanted to buy the new Brides in the airport when J and I were going on our Honeymoon. J, however, it totally over wedding madness (not that he ever loved it as I did) and basically forbade me to look twice at it.

I don't know what it is though, I just love weddings! I want J and I to plan and have another one. There are so many great ideas and limitless possibilities, and I absolutely loved figuring everything out. I know so many people want to be wedding planners, but seriously, I'd love it. I'm certain that I could never have a career of it in Tennessee, East Tennessee especially. It's so trendy that you can probably do a mail order course to be a certified wedding planner. I'm just patiently waiting for the rest of my friends to be engaged and hopefully let me enjoy the planning process with them and help out. Until then...I'm busy planning shower for all of my sweet summer brides.

I love entertaining and hosting/attending parties. That is another great thing about weddings, all of the parties that surround them. There engagement parties, showers, couples showers, lingerie showers, bachelor/bachelorette parties and all with such fun themes! You can do brunches, tea, cocktails, dinner--what can you not do?

In addition to all of the parties there are so many fun details. I loved picking out dresses, bow-ties, attire for the little ones, flowers, ribbon for the flowers, cake designs, cake topper, table set-up, alter decor, candles, etc. I'm a details kind of girl and it was fabulous. Luckily, I had Sec by my side to remind me that big things make it happen! I really needed that.

I loved being able to be so creative too. I made my veil and my ring bearer's pillow. It was made out of my grandparent's handkerchiefs which was really important to me to have a part of them included in my wedding. I also made nearly all of the gifts for friends and family. I made monogrammed handkerchiefs for the parents and grandparents monogrammed purses and totes for the bridesmaids, make-up artist, hair-dresser, soloists, junior bridesmaids, and personal photographers (they were my friends!). I also made cute little monogrammed diaper cover panties for the flower girls and monogrammed the ribbon on their baskets. I made cute little stationary cards when I asked everyone to be in the wedding and also thank you cards. Not to mention making the save-the-dates and all of the invitations. (I'd love to take credit for the amazing programs--but alas, that was Sec!) The list of creative personal touches could go on and on.....

There is no doubt that I could be perfectly happy being surrounded in the world of weddings for several years to come. I was so serious that I nearly applied for a position at the bridal boutique where I found my dress. Then of course, reality set in and I knew that the money wasn't nearly going to be comparable and that although I would love it, I would want to do more. With my PR and Event Planning background along with my uncanncy organization and the creativity I've been so blessed with, I know I would be awesome as a wedding planner/coordinator/director. Perhaps by the time the rest of my friends get married I will have fulfilled my wedding planning dreams and be over it. Until then, I think I'm going to sneak to Target for that new Modern Bride.

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