Thursday, August 24, 2006

Tom Cruise: You are Crazy

I commend Paramount for firing (well, not resigning the contract with) Tom Cruise. He is crazy. His recent behaviors have not exhibited anything that I would want representing my company. Now that Sumner Redstone has spoken the Tom Cruise posse is firing back that the remarks are unjustified and out of context. Hardly. Besides, when you are an employee and work for/with someone you should exhume a certain behavior to maintain those relationships and remain in good standing. Tom Cruise, thinking, "Oh I'm Tom Cruise", did not consider the affects that his bizarre and ridiculous actions would have on his career. Sumner Redstone and Paramount have full right to deny the renewal of his and anyone else's contract whom they don't see fit as a representative of their company. Tom should just go back to his Risky Business days of dancing and singing in his undies.

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