Monday, August 07, 2006

The Weekend

Well my weekend was eventful to say the least. Here's a rundown.

Worked all day except for the two hours in the afternoon we were without power due to a horrible storm that came thru. It was stressful thinking about completing everything for the weekend, but turned out not to be painful once the power was restored. Once I finally got home it was nearly time for LR's (C to Be) Lingerie Shower. I love having people at my house and hosting parties, and we had such a good time! I didn't think the fun would ever end. Ta did such a great job with the games and everything. I loved getting to spend time with LR and BH. It felt like high school except we weren't changing into cheerleading uniforms in the back of the car while visiting every fastfood place High School Town had to offer because we all wanted a certain item at a certain locale. Oh the memories. I love those girls. Once the party was said and done, Ta and I sat up and chatted. It was way, WAY, past my bedtime by the time I went to bed.

Saturday was my brother's birthday, but I didn't get to see him. Instead I got to go to Boyfriend's 5th Birthday party. Boyfriend is one of the darling children I was a nanny for. I've known him since he was about 9 months old. Let's move on to talk about this party. It was by far the coolest child's birthday party I've ever been to. (Even cooler than his 3rd birthday with the horse and Indian teepee and his 4th birthday with a field trip to the fire department....yes--this kid has amazing birthday parties!).

So this year was a slip-n-slide racecar theme. Uncle J works for Dewalt Racing and Boyfriend thinks it's the coolest thing ever. So this was a Matt Kennseth party. It started with a life size stand up of Matt Kennseth greeting you at the driveway. Various checkered flag decor were about including three other Matt Kennseth stand ups. And then of course, there was the slip-n-slide. This was not the out-of-the-box-from-a-store-slip-n-slide. Oh no my friend! This was a 12x50 downhill extravaganza! Yes it was! You should have seen the kids flying down. It was such entertainment. Well of course I decide to try my hand in the giant slip-n-slide. The only big kid around to venture to such things (later one of the moms decided she had to do it too. Boyfriend's mom was on her way but seeing the fate of others decided this wasn't safe for the baby in her belly!).

Girlfriend wanted me to go down with her so I put her on my lap and here we goooooooooooooo! Let me tell you--it was a wild ride. We totally wiped out and while it was fun--it was a little frightening even for me. No wonder she was concerned. You can pick up quite a bit of momentum on that hill. The way the hill and the water was running you'd slightly veer to the left and could go off in the grass. Understand one thing people: GRASS BURN HURTS! Yes, you can get grass burn. I saw the big red marks well upon my legs but decided it was no biggie and continued to slip-n-slide with Girlfriend.

On one particular "0ff-sliding" incident my swimsuit bottoms managed to make there way up my bum so far I was nearly wearing them as a hat. When I tried to gracefully dig them back to their proper locale I think I could have gave a nice moon to all the onlookers below. Hope you all enjoyed! So again, despite the flaring red marks I slide a few more times with little Girlfriend . Love that child I tell you!

J and I ran some errands on the way home so it was a bit before I was able to get there and change. When I did I realized there was grass in places I didn't know existed. It appeared that I could have had sod implants on my bottom. Not to mention it was dry by now and not so easy to get off. I was scrubbing my already aching bottom and legs in attempt to rid them of all weeds. It was then I realized the battle wounds were not only on my left leg, but also on my right leg, and also all over my bum. Yes, the aforementioned incident with the swimsuit shifting about left my bum exposed on the crash in the grass thus giving me grass burn on my derriere. Ouch! My darling husband's response to my battle wounds, "I told you you were too old!"

Saturday night J and I went to the drive in with some of our good friends, the Y's. We had so much fun packing up a tailgate/picnic and having a little party around the car. It could have only been better if the other bracelet girls and their hubbies could have joined us. It was quite entertaining to people watch, but we laughed that we too could be entertainment. However the suburban with the nasty old mattress, the half drunken granddad singing, and the load of rednecks around beat us out. However the guy with the subwoofer rocked! We could hear great from him.

Again, I was out WAY past my bedtime.

Sunday was a semi relaxing day for J and I. After church we had lunch at home and went to visit my cousins for a bit. It was so hot that you'd melt just standing outside, so we opted for our cool and cozy den to relax for the afternoon. Later that evening we had a little photoshoot of me in my pretty, pretty wedding dress with the Bell. What a cutie she is! After a visit with the S's we picked up some take out and went home to cuddle up with our grub and a little TV before bedtime. It was fabulous!

Here's a little pic of me and the Bell.
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