Wednesday, August 02, 2006

DIY Update

I know that many (Addy!) of my faithful readers enjoy hearing updates on the adventures of DIY projects of Mr. and Mrs. M. Most notably-what could have/did/might have/almost/went wrong and were there any lost limbs/lost phalanges/abrasions/trips to the ER/etc.

Our current project is pretty mundane. We're giving a facelift to the potting shed in the back yard. We're painting it to match the house and J made cedar window boxes for flower to hang on the front. It will be so cute!

J has worked hard to paint it for the past 3 nights and I joined in last nights festivities. We have the door painted (a great shade of blue! We're also repainting the front door and shutters this color) and the bottom three quarters of the building itself. J is going to trim some limbs (God be with him!) and get on the ladder (God watch over that too!) to paint the top quarter of it. Then we're going to second coat the whole thing.

After the potting shed is complete we're going to paint the front door and shutters the same shade of blue as I mentioned earlier. That should conclude our outside tasks for a bit. This fall J is going to kill the bad grass and reseed the good grass. (It's all just weeds to me!)

A few indoor projects are my picking out the exact perfect fabric for the cushions in the den. We also need to recover the top of the trunk to match and make a drop shade for the french door. We're also refinishing the mantle for that room.

Upcoming projects of this fall include (but are not limited too): cornice boards (we've bought some of the wood....we're getting there!), balloon shades for the master bedroom, a little touch up paint action here and there, getting the trim and moldings painted (this will be contracted out!), and refinishing a dresser and nightstands for the master.

That list, of course, is subject to change (by additions only!).

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