Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Tuesday Top Ten

To move on with the theme of "Where-am-I-going-with-my-life?", today's Top Ten will be.....

Top Ten Jobs I'd Very Much Love

Well, first and foremost I want to be a mommy--but that job will co-exist with any combination of the following.

1. Magazine Writer
How cool would I be as a YM or Seventeen correspondent?
2. Columnist
My husband said I should take my blog one step further and write a weekly column about
young, married, city life. Oh yeah, that's me: Carrie Bradshaw--married style!
3. Grand Writer for and Education Foundation
Oh wait, I just missed that position last fall! Sucka sucka!
4. Grant Writer for a Non-Profit
I'd love to be a grantwriter/fundraiser for a well established nonprofit that I believe in. For
example, I know that ETCH is hiring right now and I have an inside connection through a
friend. However, I'm happy where I am.
5. Event Planner/Community Relations for a Non-Profit
See number four.
6. Child's Counselor
This can go so many ways. I love children and would love to have a job to make a difference
and enrich the lives of children. I have two friends who aspire to be child life specialists and
work in a hospital. They'd help children understand about their or a family member's illness
and provide counseling. My cousin works for an agency that helps low income families get
childcare and pay childcare expenses so that the parent(s) can work. A social worker or
family rehabilitator falls in this category as well as the aforementioned school
counselor/guidance counselor. I have a feeling that as a school counselor I'd see a little of
7. News Anchor
How cool would that be? When I was little I used to want to be Barbara Walters on 20/20
and by high school I was totally aspiring to be on the view.
8. Marketing Director
I just love the world of PR and Marketing. I love it all: planning events, organizing
campaigns, overseeing art productions, writing press press kit materials (news releases,
features, fact sheets, psa's, etc), designing brochures, making media calls, etc.
9. Teacher
I'd love to teach kingergarten and be the foundation for children's educational experience. I
love little ones! (Hence I was a nanny for a million years!). I'd also like to teach middle
school. I'd love to be an English teacher so that I can have a substantial amount of creative
writing in the class. Of course at the high school level of English I could teach about
media/newspaper/magazine writing and incorporate PR in there. Sweet! I do not, however,
EVER have the desire to be a professor and teach college.
10. Small Business Owner
I'm actually (ever so slightly) working on this. I'd love to have a small out of home business
that does custom made bags, jewelry, monogramming, custom made gifts, hand painted
canvas' and windows, a children's shop, etc. That would be my forte'; a boutique!

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