Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Tuesday Top Ten

Today is the 100th day I've been married.

Top Ten Things I Love About My Husband (I'm sure there are more--but here are 10 random)

  1. Yum Yum! He can cook, he's a grill master, and he bakes good brownies. Not to mention that for the past two years I've gotten a homemade carrot cake with cream cheese icing!
  2. He gives good back rubs. (and sometimes he does it without my asking!)
  3. He has learned to make the bed correctly. Likewise he can also put most things in my super OCD organizational system. (He mostly does it with a cheerful smile too! haha!)
  4. He's so handy! He can do things with cars, and furniture, and use tons of power tools. Now that's hot!
  5. He's such a sweetheart. He gives me sweet kisses and writes me cute little notes.
  6. He's adventurous. He likes to be outdoors and try new things. Even things I like that he doesn't (i.e. Chair Lift!).
  7. He's very caring. He has a big heart and a genuine love and concern for his family and friends. He can also make me laugh! I love his hidden wittiness. I love when we giggle together for so long we're not sure what started it.
  8. He's smart. I love that he is so business oriented and savvy. He's good with numbers and all of that accounting/financy stuff that I could care less about! I love that he can read those smart magazines and understand and enjoy them.
  9. He has goals and dreams and is driven. (Perhaps lacks motivation occasionally--but that's why I'm here!). I love his ambition and what he has planned for the future. I love that he cares about my goals and dreams and pushes me and supports me to reach those.
  10. He's so cute! Have you seen him? Oh my goodness what a doll. And strong I tell you! That boy has muscles.
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