Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Anti-Crocism Part II

I'm so happy that Addy feels the same on my anti-crocism. I'll agree that those in the medical profession may happily wear their crocs guilt free. However if you are not in the medical profession and are wearing crocs, you're an idiot. It's like wearing a jersey of your favorite sports player and considering it dressing up, especially if you're a grown man. The sports player in question doesn't wear his jersey out as a fashion statement--neither should you! It's cute on kids but beyond that it makes you an idiot. If I can find a man wearing crocs and a professional jersey I'll have to tell him this. At least take a picture to chuckle about here. (Haven't I become quite the fashion critic lately?)

However I'm on the fence about gardeners. I suppose it's practical, but I'm still sticking to flip flops. For kids at summer camp, I'm sticking with velcro around the foot tevas or flip flops.


girl from the south said...

My only concern about kids at camp is that a lot of camps require closed-toed shoes if they're in the woods. Crocs fill that need because they can get wet (who wants to wear soggy tennis shoes?) and protect the kiddies' toes. As a counselor, I would have loved Crocs.

Mrs. LBM said...

Fine Fine! Crocs are ok for kids at summer camp.