Thursday, August 10, 2006

J is Out of Town and Other Random Bits of Info

First, J is out of town and I'm sad. I know he'll be back tomorrow, but I'll have no one to rub my back and play with my hair when I go to sleep tonight. My beloved stuffed Eeyore, which happily slept with me since I was an infant, will resume a spot in the bed tonight. I simply can't sleep without curling up with something.

Now of all days that J would be traveling, it would be today! This whole terrorist plot from Britain to the United States is very scary. As I've been reading I've learned that there have been several terrorist attacks on planes in the 80s and 90s. I suppose I'm too young to remember. (Speaking of age, a man I work with was shocked to learn what a young thing I was!) The whole world war, terrorist, and mass destruction thing is very frightening. I'm happy to say that J did arrive safely.

I am pleased that the US is taking high precautions. J wasn't allowed to take his toothpaste on board. (I certainly hope the hotel has some so his teeth don't have to wear fuzzy slippers all day!) It's horrible that such precautions have to be taken, but I'm inclined to think that airlines should continue the heightened security as if every day was high alert.

Lastly I'd like to report that while in the Cincinnati Airport, J spotted a fashion victim. There was a man there wearing big white socks, and big black crocs. Why people, why?

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