Thursday, August 10, 2006

My Ring

I finally got my wedding band sized. I'm not sure why I didn't opt to do that before the actual wedding, but I didn't. I decided that since it was held back by my engagement ring it would be find. However the diamonds on the top are heavy and kept turning the ring around the sides and the metal was getting all scratched up. Hence, I decided to take it in for sizing. It was odd not having my wedding band on for 5 whole days. Really, really odd. I never take either of these rings off...ever! However I did contemplate going to a dress shop other than where I bought my dress to try on more pretty dresses just for fun since it looked as if I was merely engaged. Unfortunately time didn't permit such activity.

I now have my ring back and I love how snug it fits on my hand. It doesn't turn so the diamonds are always on top and sparkly. Now that the band fits properly and is the size of my engagement ring, the diamonds in the band fit perfectly alongside with the others. And the best part is that the circle of diamonds at the base of the solitaire now stick up grand and glorious over the band. It looks absolutely gorgeous! I love the way it's steamed cleaned to perfection at the store and it glistens and gleams under any light.

I know I'm a little vain about my ring but I think that's fine because I love it so much. It's very special to me because J worked hard to pick it out all by himself and keep the whole thing a surprise. I love, love, LOVE my ring. Perhaps I should post pictures some day.

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