Friday, August 25, 2006

125 Things

One Hundred and Twenty-Five Things
(because A only did 101, and 125 seemed like a good stopping point)
  1. Pink is my favorite color, not because it's cool now, but because it always has been.
  2. I used to have pink walls and pink carpet. (Gotta love the 80s/90s)
  3. I could live on peanut butter products, green beans, and cheerios.
  4. I'm MARRIED!
  5. I like to pretend I have a green thumb and work hard to have pretty flowers, well, my husband does!
  6. I'm from the mountains of West Virginia and although I never plan on going back, it will always be "home", however, Tennessee is definately my home too. I love this place.
  7. Most of my family could be certifiable.
  8. I have only one first cousin.
  9. I have nearly 40 second cousins.
  10. My Grammy and Pappy spoiled me rotten, and they were/are proud of it.
  11. I have one adorable and fabulous little brother who is a very caring, generous, and thoughtful young man, not to mention handsome!
  12. I have an amazing crew of friends known as The Bracelet Girls.
  13. I love those girls.
  14. I'm not an animal lover, but sometimes want a dog, a big dog, preferably a St. Bernard.
  15. My husband is extremely smart and I think that is sexy.
  16. He's also very outdoorsy and into hiking, biking, fishing, backpacking, camping, etc.
  17. My idea of camping: on an air mattress next to the "bath house" with running hot water and outlets for my curling iron. I think those days are now over.
  18. A goal has always been to get my Master's Degree.
  19. I'll be getting that soon.
  20. Even for a stay-at-home mom, I deem it necessary.
  21. Writing is a amongst my favorite activities and have ideas for a couple of novels and a memoir.
  22. J and I have plans to visit his friend in Northern Ireland and while we're there see what else Europe has to offer.
  23. My motto: If you can't sing, sing loud!
  24. I used to have a window seat in my bedroom in West Virginia. I had a tea set in it and liked to have tea with my dolls.
  25. My friend Buffy and I also pretended it was a McDonald's drive-thru.
  26. I thought I'd marry Joey McIntyre and my BF A.G. was going to marry Jordan Knight. They were going to be doctors and we'd live side-by-side in matching mansions and a huge horse farm.
  27. C (Mrs. O to be) is my best friend from childhood.
  28. Little Brother used to think she was his sister too because she was always (always!) at our house.
  29. We often had "bar chats" that only we'd understand.
  30. Although I don't have a sister, Ta and I are convinced we're twins.
  31. We also convinced an entire cruise ship we were twins: LaLa and TaTa Twin.
  32. I'm not sure where such a white, white girl gets such a booty, but I've got it.
  33. My engagement ring (and wedding band) are the most gorgeous things I've ever seen.
  34. I love children but don't want any for several years.
  35. I adore the R, S, and O kids.
  36. Our garage looks like a DeWalt showroom with all of my husbands fancy gadgets and power tools.
  37. Yes, as a matter of fact I can use power tools!
  38. Lazy afternoons at the lake are wonderful.
  39. I don't know that I'll always live in TN, but I think I'll always live in the South.
  40. However I'll entertain the idea of Cincinnati or a medium to large coastal New England city.
  41. Dressing up is fun for me.
  42. Dates with my husband are amazing.
  43. Rachel Ray is a genius and one day I hope it doesn't take me 45 mins to an hour for a 30 Minute Meal.
  44. My hubby and I like to visit seaside towns and lighthouses. Love lighthouses!
  45. I look forward to traveling with my husband and have the next several years of vacations all planned out.
  46. I love to shop, especially for other people!
  47. It really is the little things.
  48. Brownies are a food group.
  49. Speaking of, I still have my Brownie Girl Scouts uniform.
  50. I love taking and framing pictures. One day I'll need to scale down the amount of pictures in my day.
  51. The Rev's are the best adopted family a girl could have.
  52. My in-laws have a big farm and I enjoy all the goodies from the ground to the bushes to the orchard.
  53. The month of July is the worst--it's just too hot, humid, and mosquito-ish for me. August is moving right up there with it.
  54. I love visiting the beach, especially in the fall and winter.
  55. Saddle Oxford shoes were my favorite growing up. I had them in every color.
  56. There is indeed a Heaven, and likewise, a Hell.
  57. I believe in miracles, I believe in dreams, and I believe in myself.
  58. Not always the latter...but my husband pushes me along.
  59. I appear to be a confident person, but actually, I'm not.
  60. The song "I Hope You Dance" is a true favorite. It's timeless and offers great advice.
  61. I wish that song for my little brother.
  62. My grandparents quite possibly hung the moon.
  63. I'm certain they feel likewise about me, and that's a nice feeling.
  64. I love to learn.
  65. I'd be a professional student and go to school forever with a wall of degrees if I could.
  66. In light of the above, C'mon powerball!
  67. Sorority was a wonderful experience and proved to give me lifelong friends.
  68. Some of my best college memories are with my roomie, A.
  69. When I was younger I wished I wore school uniforms.
  70. I wanted to be like Samantha from the American Girls.
  71. I hope my children have to wear uniforms by the time they get to school.
  72. If I were a teacher, I'd want year-round school so that I could take vacations several times during the year.
  73. I'm an absolute anal-retentive, OCD, neat and organizational freak.
  74. This leads me to believe I'm adopted
  75. Absolutely under no circumstances is it acceptable to open Christmas gifts early.
  76. Wedding planning was a favorite time in my life and I could do it professionally.
  77. Being engaged was amazing and fabulous and married life is even better.
  78. I LOVE going to weddings and being in weddings.
  79. Rarely do I have the patience to watch a movie, but still feel the need to purchase them. I'm trying to break this habit.
  80. I'm very crafty.
  81. Often too crafty for my own good.
  82. I like to bead and make jewelry. The beauty of it is when you're tired of it, you cut off the end and can start all over.
  83. I enjoy sewing and monogramming.
  84. The above is teaching me patience.
  85. Painting is another hobby.
  86. Not Picassos, but canvas's and other random objects.
  87. Reading is a favorite pastime.
  88. Unfortunately I don't find enough time or make enough time to do it as much as I'd like.
  89. Celebrity Gossip is a guilty pleasure.
  90. Children are an absolute delight.
  91. Pie, my "niece", is perhaps the most adorable and by far smartest little girl ever.
  92. History and tradition are important to me.
  93. I hope that J and I infuse our children with hertitage and tradition and a strong sense of family.
  94. My family is absolutely precious, crazy, but precious.
  95. Mrs. Bex is my oldest friend in the whole world and I know that we'll always be as tight as just-out-of-the-dryer jeans.
  96. That path hasn't always been easy, but I know God led me down it for a reason.
  97. Faith is important to me.
  98. Sometimes I only have my mustard seed.
  99. I very well may be one of those people who always need a project going on.
  100. J is afraid of this.
  101. Mrs. R, Mrs. O, and Mrs. S, are some of the women I look up to most.
  102. Being with the Rev's is like looking in a mirror.
  103. Being an MDA Camp Counselor created some of my most wonderful memories and lifelong friends.
  104. Yearly trips to Florida with my grandparents were a favorite for me. Disney World, Sea World, The Zoo, and The Beach were always on the agenda.
  105. Visiting the lake house with my other grandparents were great summers during my childhood. Swimming, boating, and games were in abundance.
  106. Logic isn't a strong point for me, although I tend to overanalyze.
  107. Pre-career jobs I've had include: tutor, babysitter, gymnastics instructor, dean's assistant, and nanny.
  108. Being a nanny was my favorite, followed by the gymnastics instructor.
  109. Decorating really thrills me.
  110. I could redo my entire house every year and love it.
  111. Re-creating looks is fun with anything from clothes to rooms.
  112. Opinions are like noses, everybody's got one.
  113. Be respectful of those who have ones that differ.
  114. Sometimes people suck.
  115. Sometimes you don't think someone sucks, and they suck completely!
  116. Yard Saling and Antiqueing are among my and J's favorite Saturday morning activities.
  117. After waffles of course.
  118. We actually own a few real antiques: our kitchen chairs, the buffet, J's desk, a sitting chair, and perhaps a dresser in our room.
  119. Old things thrill me. I enjoy turning trash to treasure.
  120. J and I are big on refinishing furniture and repurposing items.
  121. I don't believe in only doing things for special occasions.
  122. For example: china. For me, every day is special enough for J and I to use our china.
  123. We also use cloth napkins, and candlelight dinners are also a regular in our house.
  124. I love surprises! For me and for others. I like to do things that make other people feel special.
  125. Each day is a reason to celebrate: live, laugh, love!

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