Thursday, August 31, 2006

China Cabinet

I finally have a picture of my beloved china cabinet to share. Isn't it beautiful? I was so excited to get it in the house to play with it, um, I mean to set up. It was so much fun! I felt like an 8-year-old with a new Barbie house rearranging all the plastic furniture and accessories.

We received 12 full sets of china but the cabinet won't hold it all and still look pretty. So instead I've displayed 8 sets and the crystal goblets and candlesticks. The rest are still in quilted storage should we need to get them out. The bottom of the cabinet nicely holds our glassware and the drawer holds napkins and silverware. It's perfect!
Plus I've decided that once we have a larger dining room and get a larger china cabinet for all of the dishes we can use this one as a bar. All of our glassware will fit at the top and the bar in the cabinet below. It will be so cute and chic.

I love looking at my pretty dishes, and not that I have room to display, I can't wait to buy more accent pieces. We got a very simple and classic pattern so that I can get other coordinating pieces that are seasonal to be pretty. I hope I can find some at an estate sale or an antique shop. I definitely need a few fall themed pieces, a few Christmas pieces (Mrs. H has some that are beautiful!), a few spring/summer pieces, a few pretty pieces, and a few flat out girly pieces (such as the pink castles from the Johnson Bros like A has!) for tea parties and showers.

Yes, an old lady lives inside of my body. She sews, monograms, and enjoys collecting china. If I move on to thimbles or salt and pepper shakers, just send me to the home!

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emilym said...

That is a lovely china cabinet Lore! You really put alot of work into adding the 8 sets of china. It looks beautiful! I wouldn't have a clue where to even start setting up a china cabinet. Now I know who to call whenever I have room for a china cabinet to set it up for me. :)