Friday, September 01, 2006

Get Ready!

I'm excited for a long weekend ahead. Although J and I are going to be busy, I feel that it's going to be relaxing just to have the extra day. On our agenda are: ballgame, dinner with J's parents for his birthday, and keeping the R kids for the remainder of the weekend. That in itself should be an adventure. But above all, J's birthday is Sunday and I'm so excited because I love giving presents!

I hope I've managed to keep his gifts a surprise. I (who loves surprise) and he (he just wants his gifts as soon as you buy them) are always at constant odds on gift giving times. I don't like to do things early, but I may give him the gifts a day early since the weekend will be crazy busy.

I'm also hoping to squeeze in time to work on the sofa cushions for the den. Mrs. S is bringing the pottery barn pillow inserts tonight! Gotta love friends with swank discounts!

Have a great (long!) relaxing weekend.

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