Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Everyone at work today is hacking, slinging not, sneezing, and complaining of ailments--go home people! I don't want your funk! I considered leaving myself and taking a "sick prevention day."

Beyond that, I love Tuesdays that are the first day of the week. The day seemed to fly by despite how nasty and rainy it was outside (a lovely day for a duck as my Uncle D says.) I have a busy evening with my JL meeting, and my hubby is working a little late tonight. (Someone's gotta by the gas to be shipped to the west coast. Even celebrities have to put something in the tank.)

This weekend was fabulous. Although J and I were very busy it was very relaxing and enjoyable.

Friday night directly after work we went to the Smokies game with J's department at work. We had a really nice suite with a porch and catered food and "drinks" abounding. After all of that, there was a dessert cart! Yes, Jesus loves me there was a dessert cart! As much as I wanted to sample one of each, I just had a small piece of cheesecake. I really like the people he works with, as does he, so it was a very good time. I also need to note that next to us was another private party from H. County Gas. Yes, my H. County. What are the odds. I did a quick glance but didn't appear to recognize anyone.

Saturday J's parents came down for his birthday and we spent some time with the R. kids. They helped me make a delicious double layer german chocolate cake for J which is his favorite. While it was baking they also put a great among of energy into making him cards. It was precious and J loved them. It warms my heart to see how much these kids absolutely adore him. It's the sweetest thing. Saturday day afternoon (as everyone reading this should know) was the season opener for Tennessee! Being on campus made me so nostalgic! As Girl from the South said, two years out and we're already nostalgic! The mass crowds of orange, the music of the Pride of the Southland marching band, the events and tailgates, the trash from all of the above--it was nice to be on campus. I have to commend UT for the great game of ball they played (haven't seen that since I graduated!) but I'm also not getting to excited. It was Cal. Bring on a (real!) SEC team and see how they do. Florida will be the challenge. Saturday evening J's parents took us to dinner at Parkside Tavern. J's dad particularly loved it because after the big chunks of german chocolate cake we consumed, we all ordered light, thus being kind to his wallet.

Saturday morning before the big day ahead I relented and let him open his birthday gifts since it would be our only time together until Monday night. He loved his goodies which consisted of an antique map of the Smoky Mountains (circa 1949), a stainless steel coffee mug with leather sleeve, a garden hose hideaway (yes, we're old and boring!), a grill cover for his new grill, a french fry cutter (we will no longer be in divorce court over how to cut french fries....unless I don't use the cutter), and his favorite, a green resin duck. Don't ask! Just don't ask!

Sunday morning I was up bright and early to reclaim the R kids for the remainder of the weekend while their parents went to NYC. I only hope that when I have children that I find a nanny to love my kids as much as I love those kids. I'm all grown up, married, and have a big girl job and still absolutely love watching those kids. Yeah, I still get paid, but I don't have to do it. I do it because they're just so absolutely adorable, I love their parents, and since I've taken care of them since the oldest was about 9 months old, I'm rather attached. We had a great weekend with them, although I think J's timeline for kids was pushed back a few years. He's never had them for so long before.

Sunday morning we also had brunch with some friends. Mr. and Mrs. S were in town from Memphis for the game so they along with Mr. and Mrs. Y joined us for a little visit over brunch at our house. I love those people. I'm not sure what I'd do without such wonderful friends, but I'm incredibly blessed to have them in abundance. I look forward to Mr. and Mrs. S returning for the FL game and the for Mr. and Mrs. Y and J and I to go to Memphis the last weekend of this month for the UT vs. Memphis game. I'm very excited for that little road trip. So back to the kids, we had a great day playing with them on the playground and the newly installed zipline (I'll have to see if J's camera phone pics are good enough to put on here) before taking them on a run down the boulevard that evening to ensure they'd be ready for bed with no fuss. Thankfully it worked. Afterwards I enjoyed a long, hot, steamy shower in the master bath that has three shower heads. Yes, three! It's wonderful. My back and tummy stay warm the entire time instead of taking turns being cold depending on which way I turn. There is also a jacuzzi tub with jets, and removable spray nozzle, and a waterfall faucet. However, I didn't indulge in that this trip.

Sunday was also J's birthday, although I caved and let him open his gifts early!

Monday morning we actually were able to sleep in until 7am when P woke up. Half hour later MO woke up and thus went our day. We had breakfast and got ready for a trip to the playground. Just as I buckled the kids in the jogger and left the garage, it began to rain. It was just a mist, but the sky showed promising signs of breaking. I let the kids ride bikes and cars on the driveway (in hopes to get out some of the days energy!) in the mist and sprinkling rain and I think that could have been the highlight of the weekend, playing in the rain. Monday evening when M.O. and P.'s grandparents came to get them for the night I finally came home to clean up from brunch and to work on my cushions for the den. I'm halfway finished! Now don't get excited, the first half is the easiest. I've got everything cut and pinned and ready to go. However I'm pondering a dilemma with the cording. J fixed a fabulous london broil steak on the grill that was amazing. Yum-O I love a hubby that cooks!

So, that was our busy but nice weekend. Even though I was constantly on the go, I actually felt relaxed and replenished.

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