Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Tuesday Top Ten

Top Ten Things I Love About Our House

  1. It's spacious! We were so lucky to get more than we dreamt of when we found this house. There are two living spaces, a large eat in kitchen, three bedrooms, a bonus room for the office, two (soon to be three) baths, and an oversized garage so J can have a workshop.
  2. Location. I was skeptical since I've never lived in the family part of town but rather the trendy and nice apartment parts of town, but I love it. It's so close everything and easy to navigate. It's very close to both of our jobs, and of course Target and West Towne Mall.
  3. The floor. I love our wood floors and even the tile floor in the kitchen and den.
  4. The laundry room. I'm so happy to have a laundry room rather than have it in a hallway where I hear the noise all the time.
  5. The patio. I love spending time with my husband on the patio where we can enjoy our backyard. I hope to add a little landscaping to it next year.
  6. The potting shed. It's so cute and serves such a purpose.
  7. It's cozy. I love the cottage feel you get when you look at it.
  8. Guest rooms. I love having enough space to have guests so that they can be comfortable and enjoy visiting us. I also like that one of the guest rooms can be my project room for all of my sewing, etc.
  9. The office. I love having a dedicated office space. It's so nice not to have a desk in the kitchen or corner of a room. (Not to mention J's desk is the size of a small farm so it wouldn't fit!). It looks very sophisticated too!
  10. It's a home. J and I have made an empty house a cozy little home together. A place where we enjoy spending our time and having our friends and family join us. A place where we can build our lives together and enjoy being husband and wife.

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