Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Guess What I Got?

Stop what you're doing and dance a jig, because I have exciting news! Are you ready? Are you sure? Sit down.


Doesn't that make you want to pee your pants with excitement? I nearly did! (As JC would say, "Good thing I'd already pee'd those before!").

Yesterday my husband sent me a picture of a gorgeous antique china cabinet. I immediately responded, "Don't tease me!" It's no secret I've been wanting a china cabinet for quite sometime. Just ask Mrs. Y. The day she got hers I went crazy setting it up. I was like a fat kid in a candy store unwrapping all of her stuff and putting it away for her. I was also quite envious of Mrs. H's cute little cabinet when we visited them. J replies that it's not a tease and he likes the set. It also has a matching table with chairs which he loves. We went to look at it last night and the 45 year old piece is in nearly excellent condition. It is absolutely gorgeous. It is a very timeless and classic style with an oak finish.

Although J told me that by purchasing this furniture he was in no way condoning the fact that I/We "need" a china cabinet, but that he also liked the rest of the set and it was very nice antique pieces. Not to mention a deal! So, my darling little hubby bought it for me on the spot. Is he the best or what? It's being delivered tonight and will be set up and dazzling by the weekend.

We now have more antiques to add to our collection and that is very exciting, and I HAVE A CHINA CABINET! I will have to post pictures soon.

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