Monday, August 14, 2006

In Atlanta with the H's

It's official--being with the H's is like looking in a mirror!

J and I had so much fun visiting with Mr. and Mrs. H. I never knew Mr. H and J had so much in common. I am so happy that they did get along so well though. It makes the visit much more enjoyable for everyone. I often forget how much Mrs. H and I have in common until we hang out. We have the same viewpoint on most everything. That girl is obviously practically perfect.

I'm not sure Mrs. H and I will recover this week because our hubbies were so out of control. It was quite entertaining, and we couldn't help but laugh, but they are awful, just awful! There's nothing like the Tri-Cities to bond a friendship.

We started with dinner at The Cheesecake Factory before going to our concert. I. LOVE. THE. CHEESECAKE. FACTORY! It may be overpriced cheesecake and overpriced food because they have overpriced cheesecake, but YUM! it is tasty! I quite enjoyed the crabcake I had for dinner as well.

From dinner it was on to see Hootie in Chastain Park. We'd heard you could bring in coolers, etc. Apparently you can have a dinner party as well. People had brought in and sat up tables, had candles, and such foods as bbq ribs, potato salads, etc. It was a full on catered picnic from home. Pretty snaz! Those people had obviously been there awhile which we now know is a must when going to Chastain Park.

The show was awesome. Hootie came thru by singing "You Don't Have To Call Me Darlin'" once again. We had all discussed how Hootie had reached a peak in his career and then regressed to singing covers once again. I still think it's pretty great. I love his voice and his own little renditions to the covers he sings. At the beginning of the concert I was thinking how cool it would be if he would cover Georgia Satellites and sing "Keep Your Hands To Yourself." The very last song of the encore was...are you believing this...KEEP YOUR HANDS TO YOURSELF!
I should have said something at the beginning because no one will believe I have Hootie telepathy. It must have been because I was wearing a straw cowgirl hat to match Hootie's straw cowboy hat. All in all, it was such a great concert! I do wish Hootie had done his reprise of Nelly, Blackstreet, and Lauren Hill like he did last summer. Betsy and Adam would have enjoyed that. I'm trying to figure out what he's singing in his remix of Let Her Cry. It sounds pretty cool whatever it is.

We were all talking about how listening to Hootie takes us back, way back! Hootie came out with Cracked Rear View when I was in the 7th grade. Isn't that crazy? That was a long (long!) time ago. J and I are starting to feel like Hootie groupies with all of the shows we've attended. I really do love to hear him though. And contrary to what you think, it's not cheap to see Hootie just because he's practically considered classic rock now. It's actually quite pricy for the venues he plays.

We loved being guests in the H house. The H's have only lived there for a couple of months, but it's so cute. It reminds us a lot of our house. It could be because Mrs. H and I have matching sofas! Yes, we have matching sofas! Remember the great sofa debacle a month ago, yes, it's those sofas. How funny is that?

Hopefully we'll have another wonderful weekend with the H's in the next few months if they venture to town for a football game.

Cheers to the H's!

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