Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Live on Your Station

(TWO POSTS IN ONE DAY! I KNOW! But read on.....)

Oh good grief!

I have an abundance of acquaintances through my Southern Belle Society. I come in contact with a variety of people all over the city. One such person is a local news field reporter.

She's a friend of a friend, she's been invited to fill-in at bunco and also joined the SBS this year (I think).

NewsGirl emaild me because she's doing a story on people who have lost their jobs and are pursuing their dreams (my shop) and friend of friend told her to contact me. Now she wants me to be the subject of the feature!

UGH! I'd like to pimp my business but being on camera in front of the whole world is YIKES! I left my belle of the ball days behind in college. I talk a big game but I'm camera shy. The thought of doing this terrifies me!

Maybe she should bring me a Blue Moon and meet me at karaoke.

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Kas said...

That is awesome! You've gotta do it. You'll be totally fab. :D I promise!