Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Third Anniversary: Leather

Mr. Bella and I stick to "traditional" anniversary gifts. We're approaching our third anniversary and the gift is "leather."

I'd love a new leather sofa, but we're unwilling to give up our current sofas. You see out den sofas are a great khaki microfiber and we actually bought them new (I KNOW! But rest assured they were "new" in the clearance part of the already clearance warehouse. I don't mess around!).

Our living room sofas are red and I love them. They are from storehouse and I got them from a moving sale. They were barely used and were still on the showroom floor to the tune of $3,000 for the both. I paid only $50 for both and also had an extra set of slipcovers thrown in. I could sale them for more than I paid but no amount of money can beat the good deal. Furthermore in our next home they will be "playroom" sofas with the slipcovers on. Our kids (non conceived kids, don't get your undies in a wad) can wreack havoc, we'll take off the slipcovers, and it's like new sofas!

So a leather sofa is out (unfortunately). Another leather chair and ottoman? That could be nice for the den. But then of course the armoire will have to come to the living room and a flat screen for the den that hangs on the wall and.....well I don't have a job, remember?

We have a large, rectangular, leather ottoman in the den and I like our living room coffee table and don't want to give that up. I thought about trying to reuse it in a room and getting a leather bench ottoman with baskets beneath but nah....didn't work out. Besides I like versatility and two leather coffee table ottomans is a bit much methinks.

Oh I know! Leather cube side tables. The kind with the little tray. That would be cute for the den. The throws could be stored in there, but then we have to move the lamps to get the throws.....etc. Also Mr. Bellas is supposedly refinishing two side tables from his side of the family to put in there. Currently we have spare dining chairs serving as side tables. Classy....I know.

On our recent trip I bought Mr. Bella a leather charging station and watch box to match his valet. So I could get a new purse or wallet. But I'm so thrify on such items finding a clearance leather purse that I won't like in a couple of years is a let down for a big anniversary gift.

I've been looking at fancy schmancy leather jewelery boxes. I'm still pondering it, but the thing is I recently got rid of my large armoire in favor of a hanging jewelery organizer in the closet. I was downsizing bedroom furniture (part of my spring home re-do, more on that later) and also thought if our home ever was broken into, it would be a flashing light of things to take. I've been downsizing tops of furniture too so adding to the tops seems silly. If I had space on a shelf in my closet though....I'd be all over it.

(Oh, I'm also getting rid of a vintage leather jewelery box but it's not quite functional for my needs and I THINK the new one would be better. But I do love old things. See, I'm torn!).

So the last on the list are new his and hers Sperry topsiders. What a splurge! You know I don't pay that much for shoes. Even my current running shoes were cheaper (Nike Shox for $40. AND THEY'RE PINK! AND I GOT PINK POLKA DOT SHOESLACES! WOOT!). But I do liek the Sperry shoes. Hubs loves them. In fact he has a nearly worn out pair of "generic" topsider style shoes.

This would be fun spring/summer item for our wardrobes and they are very versatile. My concern is the trend has gotten so popular I may not love them the way I think I might. Also with the rising trend will they be super old news next year? I can't buy $80 shoes that I won't wear next year. UGH!

Have you ever met someone who likes to make mountains out of mole hills? Hi! I'm Bella!

Any leather suggestions for our third anniversary?

Also, for those playing along after this year the traditional gifts suck! Next year is fruit and flowers. I only want fruit and flowers if they are fresh from the tropical island where we are staying seven nights with a private bungalow overlooking the ocean and a daily schedule massage and morning mimosas (fresh no less).

Then there are things like coral and ivory. So are we supposed to knock off a protected reef and take a safari through Africa and hope for elephant remains? Oh and ten years....it's tin. Guess I'll get Mr. Bella and 24 pack of beer in a tin can. Har Har.

See, total suckage.

Back to dilemma....leather gifts?

Tell me your anniversary traditions.

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Kas said...

Ok. Buy the Sperry's, then take sailing lessons. THEN you'll always need your Sperry's for sailing, whether they are in style or not!! :)

Good luck figuring it all out!