Saturday, April 04, 2009

Channelling my inner Sophia

Last night! On the TV! A Golden Girls Marathon!

Can you believe that?

I put away the laptop and got ready for bed. I aimlessly turned on the telly to the TV Guide channel. You read the correctly. I don't have fancy cable with it's own guide. Basic cable and the TV Guide channel. I really don't even feel I need basic cable. It would be nice if I could get channels a la carte. We'd subscribe to like ten of them. Anyway....

As I was watching the shows scroll up I saw it. By it I mean a contunious line saying "Golden Girls". It was on the Hallmark Channel. Did you know there was such thing as a Hallmark Channel? I thought they only made greeting cards. But alas, my Golden Girls marathon to lull me to a state of calm and sleepiness.

Maybe I'd have to subscribe to eleven channels if Hallmark keeps up the GG marathons.


♥Brandy said...

I watched a few episodes of that myself. I think they do it all the time! I love love love that show. Reminds me of being at home with mom and watching them.

Kas said...

bwahahaha I guess I should have read this post first before I commented on your last post! Glad you found it! I LOVE me some GG!