Friday, April 03, 2009

Don't let me down, Golden Girls

Last night I went to a little girls night birthday dinner party for a friend. She recently took up sewing and now we have a lot in common. It was our usual group of bunco and southern league girls and was so much fun and so refreshing.

How cute are we:

Tonight I took BB on a date, just the two of us. First up was a bit of shopping for him (we found a Ralph Lauren polo shirt, Abercombie shorts, and a Nike Jordan shirt on fantastic deals. Check out The Bargainista soon for more)

Then we went to dinner and rented a movie from RedBox. I made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and we got comfy in the den for the movie. I actually sat down and watched a movie. And didn't fall asleep. It was remarkable. At only a buck a pop maybe I'll watch more movies.

Now it's bedtime and night two of no Mr. Bella. Ugh! I'm not good at being alone. Being without him for a few nights makes me ansty of death in our old age. I know what a Debbie Downer moment and all but does anyone else ever think of that? Can you imagine being an empty nester and widow? Ugh! WHY AM I TALKING ABOUT THIS! Note to self: Control mind from wandering to strange places.

Oh if ever there was a time for a Golden Girls marathon on the tube, it's now!

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Kas said...

2 Things:

1. On (oh I hope I spelled that right) they give a code for a free redbox rental each week!

2. Golden Girls now comes on Hallmark channel, but its pretty late. Makes me wish I had that fancy DVR so I could record them all and have my own little marathon whenever I have the time... :D

AND y'all look totally cute at your party!