Thursday, April 02, 2009

There are guns, and I can probably point and shoot

Mr. Bella is gone through the weekend. He was at the airport this morning and his cruising the friendly skies on a corporate jet. He's in Louisiana "working". But I call bullshit because he took his golf clubs there are three tee times that I know of!

I hate it, HATE IT, when he's gone. I have to be the adult, the big girl, the responsible one. I mean otherwise I'm something else I guess. Most of all I feel vulnerable. As if there is a big flashing sign above my house that says "Hey Ya'll! Damsel in distress home alone with a dog and teenager but they'll be hiding in the closet."

And I don't sleep well. I like him in bed with me. Or knowing that he's coming to bed right behind me since I practically go to bed with the kindergarten set.

I'm off for a glass or three of wine and then some tylenol pm if that doesn't cut it.

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