Monday, March 30, 2009

Rawk On!

Oh the good times that were had at Mr. Reeses karaoke party on Saturday night. I really thought I'd be the old lady leaving the soiree at eleven, but twelve at the latest. But when I found my mojo and my groupies, I couldn't be stopped.

Let it be noted that the crew and I were the old folks of the joint since it was adjacent to the campus of our alma mater. But we totally won the kids over because I'm a rockin' old lady. They were all like "Wow! That lady is um old....but SHE RAWKS!"

The nights line-up?

1. I Will Survive
2. Keep Your Hands to Yourself (duet with Mr. Reese)
3. Let 'er Rip*
4. Total Eclipse of the Heart
5. The Right Stuff
6. Summer Nights (duet with Mr. Reese)

Mr. Reese belted out a number of songs on his own too but let it be noted that MY HUSBAND, MR. BELLA, sang karaoke! I would not lie about such a thing! I'm quite certain it was his first and last time, but there he was! On stage! Singing some Hank Williams Jr. And that my friends makes a Southern girl swoon as she takes another swig of Jack (right Reese?)

Note: Mr. Bella is a bit of a wallflower and not so much the loud one. That would be me if you hadn't noticed!

So in light of the fun that was had on Saturday night I'd like to leave you with my top ten.

Top Ten Ways You Know You Are Old

1. You arrive at the bar at 9:30 pm. Twenty one year old you was taking a nap at this time in preparation for hitting the bar at midnight.
2. Your bar tab is no longer more than a days salary at your nanny job.
3. You wear ballet flats instead of four inch stilettos.
4. In addition both twin peaks and your ass-ets are covered, more or less
5. You forget that there is a 3:30....A.M.
6. You're not carrying a friend home, three blocks away, all up hill. And as a bonus, you're not going in search of your car tomorrow morning.
7. Drunk dialing isn't an issue.
8. You know where you're waking up...and who you're waking up with.
9. You do not walk through the drive-thru to "sop up" or offer to help the man behind the counter at the slow pizza joint. Then proceed to help man behind counter all for the love of a slice of greasy, cheesy, goodness.
10. You know everyone in your pictures at the end of the night, and for the most part they are all concious, coherent, and semi-functioning.

But the one thing that does not change is the bathroom. We still go in pairs.

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