Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Two roads diverged in the woods and I...

The Bellas have been attending a new church. (I know if you follow we just did this like a year and a half ago) and we really enjoy it. Mr. Bella volunteers with on of the ministries and knows a lot of people. It's a lot of very young couples and children and very full of life. It's our niche choice of a PCA but also very contemporary.

Since being there I've reconnected with several acquaintances and people I knew from college. I also keep running in to people who are friends of friends. It really is a small world.

Last night Mr. Bella and I attended a bible study about marriage and it was a great opportunity to connect with other young marrieds. As I caught up with a few people I couldn't help but notice how very different our lives were.

Example 1: Guy, acquaintance from campus ministry in college and his wife D. They have been on staff of that ministry for several years. Thus they work hard for fundraising to raise their own support to do what the do with the students. They travel to raise awareness and in turn money. When the economy nose dives so does their support so they work harder. They live like a college kid attending their meetings and working with their crazy schedules.


Example 2: Gal, friend of roomie and acquaintance from different campus ministry. Just moved back to MyTown from Brooklyn. Why in Brooklyn? To see what was there! Moved to Brooklyn from San Antonio, moved to San Antonio from...... you get the picture. She and her husband are both artists (of what nature I'm not sure) and are quite nomadic hopping from place to place in the four-five years since they graduated.


I look at these very different and somewhat exciting lives and think about the path I chose. I was very eager to dive into suburbia. I wanted a cute little abode with decor that would be pictured in a magazine. I wanted to do all of my errands in a little SUV and walk the dog in the park. I wanted to join the SBC and make tennis dates and enjoy lazy evenings on the patio with my husband and future family. I wanted to live in a my (or a few other options) of a laid back Southern town with a city just large enough to have a lot to offer but small enough to be home for me.

I'm fairly certain no one looks at that life and says Wowza! But I got exactly what I wanted! Maybe these other types do look at a different lifestyle and think Wowza! While I'm fascinated by their lives it's definately not a lifestyle for me. But I often like to step in another's shoes and hear their stories and wonder what I'd have been like if that were for me. If that were the road I'd taken.

Do you often wonder what your life would be like on a slightly different path? Or wish you'd chosen a different way? Or even plan on changing your current choice?

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Kas said...

lol I kind of feel wowza about my life, even though to most people it probably isn't very impressive. But for the family that I come from and the very small town that I come from...it is. I do hope that very soon things will settle down and we can buy our cute little house in the middle of town where we can walk to cute little shops and cute little cafes and have a cute little (big) german shepherd...but who knows what the future holds! I know for sure that I never wish I would have done one thing differently. Though I may wonder what would have happened if I would have chosen differently at one time, I know that I made that decision for a reason and I would never have chosen differently.

Great post!