Monday, March 23, 2009

The potato salad was a bad idea

Oh the gyno! I loathe the gyno. Every year I seriously feel as if I'm the only women who possibly has to go through that and feel this way. I realize women do it every day and most do it once a year or more, still I feel like I'm alone in the humility.

Do you ever wonder what the gyno think of your...errr....floors? You know...carpet, hardwood, rug.....

I do. I wonder these things.


Oh yeah, me.

I need another hobby I suppose.

So the gyno was horrible as always.

I had an hour between the gyno and the dermatologist. Just enough time to get from scoot about doctors offices with a trip by K. Roger to get items for a fresh salad. I had a meeting this evening with my college sorority so therefore the boys were getting pizza and salad.

While strolling through produce I realized I was hungry as it was 2:30 and I'd only had a granola bar. I ventured to the deli hoping it was sushi day. I know I know...sushi at K. Roger? The cali rolls there are actually pretty tasty. I was really feeling like Chick-Fil-A would be a perfect treat from my day at the gyno but alas it was en route to be efficient. And I'm nothing if not efficient. So as I meandered through the deli a little bowl of potato salad caught my eye. Yum! Potato salad. I've not had that in a while. So I bought potato salad.

Oh, and a package of two-bite brownies.

I go into the dermatologist office and before I even sit down the medical assistant is ripping out stitches.

Ok not really, but kinda.

So I'm chatting and breathing and being normal. There isn't any pain except for the scissor tip scraping my skin. Not pain really, just UGH THERE ARE SCISSORS CLIPPING STITCHES RIGHT THERE. I feel the hard tug as they snip.

Then I feel light headed. And floaty.

But I can do this. I mean they must be nearly finished.

Then they announced three down.

Oh good grief there were like fifteen stitches.

Head floats....tummy sinks......

Potato salad was a BAD idea.

I picture it coming up.


I ask to lay down so they put me on my side.

Oh please honey I mean LAY DOWN!

Flat! Face down! Smelling salts!

Finally it was over. I survived. The doctor checked me out and informed me that if the scar didn't lie flat in about a month he'd inject it.

I'll live with a bumpy scar thankyouverymuch!

Mr. Bella and Brother Bella never knew about the two-bite brownies.

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Emily said...

Once you have kids (or your pregnant), the discomfort of going to the gyno will be a thing of the past!