Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Big Eye

I'm exhausted.

Except exhausted doesn't describe how exhausted I feel.

The weather was so nice this morning that Mr. Bella and Mr. Reese put in a round of golf before we ever hit the road.

It's a six hour trip.

But after being up far too late in the night since Wednesday night and travelling all day to boot....I've got the bit eye and can't find sleep.

I'm also not very coherent.

Maybe you've noticed.

I need to find sleep because I have a big day tomorrow. First with the gyno for my Grand Opening. Then with the derm to get these stitches removed. Then tomorrow evening is a meeting. So I should probably get some sleep.

I went shopping! Oh how I went shopping! Schmottery Schmarn and Schmilliams Schmonoma had fantastic deals. Oh the deals!

Mr. Bella gave me a shopping limit on Friday. Something about a budget and responsibility and not "needing" anything.

He didn't, in fact, give me a shopping limit for Saturday.

He played golf Saturday.

Mama went shopping.

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