Friday, January 30, 2009


Last night Mr. Bella and I were treated to a fabulous concert. State Shines is a gathering of singer/songwriters in a beautiful, lovely, old theatre that has just celebrated it's 100th birthday. We had expected it to be a bluegrass event (which Mr. Bella loves) but it turned out to be a mix of bluegrass, bohemian, and eclectic type music. Ah! Fabulous for a Wednesday night.

There is a couple that we, well, kind of know I suppose. Yet we introduced them at the S wedding last year.

Let's see, so I know girl M mostly through her sister and the bride of said wedding. Both are in my bunco group and she often joins when we need a sub. I know guy M, well, because he was my escort up and down the aisle at said wedding!

At the rehearsal we were doing our practice walk back up the aisle and both made a random smartarse comment at the end. I don't remember what it was but you can be sure it was smartarsed! So instantly we were friends.

Later that evening he was placed next to Mr. Bella and I at the rehearsal dinner. We began to chat and we both really liked him. He had a great personality and sense of humor. I thought he was rather cute as well. It was a shame to learn he was single! He was a hot commodity! Furthermore I know tons of single gals, but nary a single guy.

"I told Mr. Bella we should introduce him to someone."

"We shouldn't meddle in other people's business!"

"But I can't really thing of a single girlfriend right off."

"We shouldn't meddle in other people's business!"

"C wants J to quit dating her loser boyfriend, but they are still together."

"We shouldn't meddle in other people's business!"

"It should be someone at the wedding, less awkward and we'll probably never see him again."

"We shouldn't meddle in other people's business!"

" about MJgirl? Oh nevermind she's bringing her kind of boyfriend."

"We shouldn't meddle in other people's business!"

"Honeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey! Help me think!"

"What about Smith's sister?"

"Really? M? You think? That would be perfect! I'll ask her!"

So there you go! I asked Mgirl if she would meet Mguy. Then told Mguy that he just had to meet Mgirl. Mgirl was at our table so I brought him over. They talked all night and she told me he got her number.

I wasn't sure he'd ask.

I wasn't sure he'd call.

I wasn't sure they'd actually go out.

Now three months later they are very together, very happy about that, and treated us to a concert as a thanks!

The concert was fabulous and so was the company. We decided they'd make great couple friends. We get along great and we have wedding couple in common too.

Oh, and they visisted the bar as often as we did during the concert.


Platinum Rose said...

Great matchmaking skills! Good thing your husband stopped resisting and started thinking of some eligible women you knew! That would be great if they end up getting married!

destinationbeautiful (b-love) said...

You need your own show- seriously. You always make me laugh. I can't wait to see the wedding pictures!