Wednesday, January 28, 2009

One of those days I should have stayed in bed

Yes, that was today!

First of all my sewing machine broke late last week. UGH! My sewing machine is my thing and well, I kind of need it. I'd called the model dealer and repairman last week and they had one part that should be $16.95 plus tax.

Fab! I'll be there!

I go in Monday and turns out I described the wrong piece/they understood the wrong piece, they're greedy bastards and I obviously only know how to operate my machine and otherwise am an idiot and actually it would cost a low, low $148.95 to repair and oh would I like to have it serviced while I'm there?

Machine and I walked out.

Then we move on to my computer, who has slowly but surely been dying. The blue screen of death is rampant. But lately it had been behaving quite nicely. Going several days before giving me the blue screen and forcing me to reboot. It was blueing out everytime I'd attempt to send an email, or upload a photo.

Fast forward to today. I show up to the clergy's office. I'd been doing a little PR work for the church and needed to convert the files I'd given him to something he could read. My computer boots up to the blue screen of death.

Five times!

I give up!

It's rainy and cold and windy and dark outside.

I decided a little workout on my exercise ball while watching the show I recorded last night will rejuvenate me. I need to snap out of it because I have quite a list of things to accomplish today.

I put on my yoga clothes, get on the exercise ball, and rewind the tape (shut up! we've not moved into this century with DVR!) and prepare to have a better day.

But then....

Oh then....



I contemplated baking myself a pan of brownies and then eating them all before anyone came home. But this is the day I'd burn the house down.

Clearly I should have stayed in bed.


Kas said...

You should just mix up the batter and eat that. :) Hope things start looking up soon!

Platinum Rose said...

Hahaha, you are too funny! Don't you just hate those days?!?!? At least you kept your humor in tact about it all!