Saturday, August 09, 2008

Fabulous Visit

I had the best visit ever! The kids were so excited they couldn't stand themselves. They knew I was coming but didn't know I'd be there when they woke up. Boyfriend woke me up promptly at 6am everyday. We had breakfast together and I'd walk him to the bus stop. Girlfriend woke up promptly thereafter as to make sure he wasn't getting any extra special time with me.

We went to a few cute boutiques in the area and also a furniture consignment store which I totally wish they had in MyTown. I played outside on the play set, swung in the hammock, watched Boyfriend on his new skateboard, and also hit the pool. They have not one, but two neighborhood pools complete with lazy river and slide. And also a snack bar that has ice cream and beer, you know, the finer things in life.

Mama R and I did a few projects and I admired her lovely new home and stole lots of ideas (as always from her). She also loaded up my little sport coupe with extra goodies that she can't use. Score! I get the best goods ever from her.

The highlight of the trip was just being with my kids, reading them bedtime stories, tucking them in each night, and not having a meal without someone on my lap, you know, as to get the most out of me as possible.

Boyfriend didn't want to go to school because I'd be gone when he came home. I was a little teary eyed leaving and then Girlfriend ran down the driveway after me with just one more hug and kiss and also a picture she wanted me to take home.

How I miss them! I cannot wait to visit when new baby (a girl!) is born and to take my husband. If worse comes to worse and I don't have a job soon, I'm going to go be a temporary nanny when the new baby arrives and help them to find someone else suitable. Not nearly as fabulous as I, of course, but suitable. :) No one (less the parents) will ever love those kids like I do.

The fabulous penthouse guest suite. I'd already rumpled the covers before the picture but it was divine!

The welcoming box of goodies should I need a late night snack. The R's are such gracious hosts.

My darlings: Boyfriend, Girlfriend, and Bear.

Playing with the new train track we set up in thier fabulous new playroom.


girl from the south said...

All three of them are so precious. I can't believe that Boyfriend is in school! I remember meeting him when he was around 2 and Girlfriend was a newborn.

Ugh. We're old.

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

Love that basket of goodies from your cute!