Sunday, August 10, 2008

Add Law School to the Resume

Hubs informed me this evening that he thinks he'd like to attend Law School. He graduates with his MBA in December, he plans to work a few years, and then perhaps attend Law School.

He was nervous to tell me this. He thought I might feel negative about it and not like the idea. While him getting his MBA hasn't been all daisies and butterflies, it's not been that bad. Of course seeing the light at the end of the tunnel is helping. And also I'm not sure what we were like before he started this program a year and a half ago. Seriously, I don't remember how we spent our time.

I'm actually rather excited about this possible endeavor and very proud of him for thinking he'd like to do this and for being gutsy enough to keep on truckin' in school. As long as I get to have kids in that time frame somewhere I say go for it! Apparently I'm going to make him a little scholar, indeed. I must be a good cheerleader for his sudden motivation of highter education.

Now perhaps we should find a bit of time for me to get a Master's Degree. How about sometime in February as I think I have an open weekend and it will be quite chilly anyway. I'm nothing if not ambitious.

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