Monday, August 11, 2008

First Day

Today is Little Brother's first day of school. He's a sophomore and going to a new high school, where luckily he does know a few people from church. A sweet kid (who is a Senior) lives up the street and has offered to pick him up, he has a girlfriend who is one year older and of course excited to show him a round, and also a friend in his grade and they do have a class together today. Praise the Lord for our church!

Still I'm nervous. The butterflies where there. For me more than him I think. I'm sure he'll be fine as he is one spectacular kid. I'm very pleased that this morning was a good one with him getting up easily and in a surprisingly good mood, so there was no growling before he left.

Also, I had to sew a button on his shorts so let's all pray he doesn't moon the sophomore class when he walks into homeroom.

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Platinum Rose said...

I hope his first day of school goes well! How nerve wracking! Especially to start up in a brand new school, when most kids were already there last year too. I hope he makes lots of good new friends!