Sunday, July 13, 2008

Pay It Forward/Baby Names/ You Could Win Too

I won something! Oh yes I did win something. It wasn't just ANYTHING either, but it was The Baby Name Wizard and it was from Swistle's Baby Names Pay It Forward contest. I big puffy heart Swistle and her mad love for baby names as I'm a name aficionado as well.

It started with her running a Pay It Forward contest and I'm all yeah-that's-nice-but-I-don't-exactly-have-time-for-anything-anymore-kthanks!

Then she offered up the Baby Name Wizard book and I'm all YIPPIEEEE I WANT THAT BOOK. And although I never. win. anything. I entered.

And I won!

Whoop dee doooooo!!!

I got the book on Thursday and I loved it and hugged it and called it George. And I'm currently searching the book for a better name.

I've also learned that I like names from the Antique Charm category. I've always known I liked old names and Antique Charm sounds perfect for this Southern Belle.

Unfortunately my husband doesn't like the names I like. In fact I've not found a name he does like. But you know what Internet? That doesn't really matter because I'm big on keeping baby names a secret until little baby M pops out (which will be a while since there is no bun in this oven mind you!) and since Hubs isn't exactly a great secret keeper, I don't even think I'll tell him the name. Afterall, he can name the children he has. I think that's fair, no ?

Moving on to the fun part for you Internet. In order to keep my end of the bargain of Pay It Forward, I have to (oddly enough) pay this forward!

Therefore all commenters on this here blog betweeen now and Friday July 18 at 11:59 p.m. will be entered to win my Pay It Forward contest. The winner will receive lovely items from none other than La La Lollipop. I'll pick great items that are fitting for you. For example, if you don't have a baby, I won't send you burp clothes and if you don't like to cook, you won't get an apron.
But you can sure count on having something fabulous and monogrammed!

AND as a super dee duper bonus I'm going to make my blog public during the contest so more lovely people have a chance to win. Now that certainly doesn't help you does it? Oh wait, but it does! If someone reads about my contest on your blog and they sign up and win...I'll send YOU a prize too. Therefore it gives you more chances to win. So if you sign up, and three people that know you sign up, you get four chances. I'm nothing if not all about you friends!

Here's the deal though: if you win YOU have to run a pay it forward contest when you recieve you prize from me. If you win and you dont' have a blog, I'll choose a second winner for you to send your prize to and that person will run the Pay It Forward contest.

Ok now, let's get cracking on spreading the word and entering to win!


Kas said...

1. I love thinking about possible baby names...and I'm not even entirely sold on this whole "having kids" thing!!

2. I am with you on how the mom should definitely get the final say in the babies name. I mean, after all that hard work of growing a child in your body and then pushing it out...that definitely deserves some advantages.

3. I LOVE these contests! Count me in. I'm off to post a link on my blog so I can get a few more entries!! :)

JayJenny said...

Oh, a prize!! I'm all over it!

JayJenny said...

My post is up LaLa!!

Zoe D. said...

Very cool idea!!! Sign me up:)

Alicia said...

oooooooo - a prize from MRS. M....I am SO there!

Kelley said...

I love that you said hubby gets to name the babies that he has, I totally need to use that!! Andrew doesn't love the names I have picked out, but I figure I've got a while since I don't have a bun either!

Sign me up for the contest!

Amanda said...

oooh! I want to play too. Can I be in the contest?