Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Just call us Pork Chop!

I took Mack to the vet today for the yearly shots and exam. He's healthy as a horse and nearly big as one. When we adopted him last year he was 24 lbs. Today he tipped the scale at 36.4.

I also took Little Brother to the asthma & allergy doctor. He's gained 10-15 lbs since living with us.

I'm not keeping track of a number for Hubs, but let's just say his waistbands are getting snug.

So the point of this post is everyone gripes and complains about my cooking*, but they're still eating it!

*Vegetables! Ugh I use vegetables!


Kas said...

hahaha Your just being a good southern wife/mom. :)

Mrs. L said...

Thats that good ole' Southern cooking!!!!