Thursday, July 10, 2008

Two Days, Two Dates, Two Loves

Tuesday I spent the entire afternoon with my little boyfriend. He was in town visiting grandparents but sans sisters. Still I was over the moon to see him.

Little Brother and I picked him up at eleven-ish and headed to the Mellow Mushroom for lunch. Yum if you've not eaten there then you must. I lurve it! From there we went to the art museum and the exploratory gallery. After the rain it was on to Fort Kid, which is a super large all wood play structure, less a few slides, ropes, and tire swings. After playing there we went up in the Sunsphere. Boyfriend had never been there and he sure did have fun. He loved running around in circles and finding all the cool places from up there such as the football stadium. After seeing all of MyTown from the highest view it was time for swimsuits and playing in the downtown fountains at the park. The previous rain and overcast skies kept the crowds down but it was still plenty hot to enjoy the cool water. Plus easier to keep an eye on him. After the fountains we went to the Marble Slab for dinner.

LaLa: (Boyfriend) I'm going to call (grandmother) to let her know we're going to the Marble Slab and then I'll take you back to her house.

Boyfriend: Oh no La La! That's not a very good idea. (Grandmother) would not approve of the Marble Slab right now because I won't eat my dinner.

LaLa: You're right. We'll call her after!

And that is why I'm a good girlfriend! He shares my love for cleanliness and let's me take wet ones to his face, which is why he is a good boyfriend!

As if that's not enough for a girl last night I went on a date with my husband. We had dinner at The Chop House (where the seem to always set us in the same booth. I'm going to start requesting it because it feels like "ours" now.) and then to a few shops. One said shop being The Home Depot where I bought a couple replacement flowers for the zinnias* I killed. I was hoping to replace with the same, but they were out. Instead I got begonias for the dead planters. I've had luck with my backyard begonias and these were cute, petite, and perfect for the small planters in the front. And also cheap at 99 cents! They have to be with my track record.

*It was totally and accident and I was doing so well! I forgot to water the morning of the fourth and unfortunately the two days of intense heat took them out. I cut them back and pushed them to the back of the planter. Maybe they'll come back and I'll name them Lazarus!

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Platinum Rose said...

Sounds like you have a great boyfriend hahaha. I love both Mellow Mushroom and Chop House. That's great you and your husband got to go on a nice date. Our flowers have been doing horribly this year too. We water every.single.evening though and they still look like crap. It's been a really hot summer around here!