Monday, April 14, 2008

Weekends et. al.

J and I had planned on having a night in on Friday night. The weather was nasty and we were tired. Of course then our tummies talked us into some Mexican. Ole!

Sidenote: Old Mexico is nearly always packed so I'm not sure they'd go out of business without us, but I definitely think the sales would suffer. Especially the margarita kind of sales.

I was waiting for J to arrive home and got a call for a last minute babysitter. Ugh! I wasn't really feeling like it but Mr. P said it was later (after dinner) and assured me the kids would be in bed. Besides the P's pay well and you know what? I can lounge on my sofa or I can lounge on their sofa.

I arrived expecting the kids to be hanging from the ceiling like wild banshees. But instead J and I were greeted to a quiet home with beer, wine, and some tasty snacks. We happily sent the P's out on the town. Let's recap: sleeping children, beer, wine, food, and mucho dinero. I'd say it was a good night.

I think I just aged us 30 years: we'd rather babysit rather than go out on the town ourselves.

In our defense we don't have a free weekend until June. Let's run down the schedule, shall we?

This weekend we'll be in Florida. J is leaving in morning and I'll be leaving Wednesday evening. More on that later. We were also invited to a shrimp boil and a wedding this weekend, but will be attending neither.

Next weekend we're actually babysitting the entire weekend. I'll get the hoodlums on Friday night and hang them on the wall until their parents return on Sunday. We start with the P's (2 kids) and then Saturday will add the R's (3 kids). Great birth control and great cold hard cash all in one weekend, what more could we ask for? Oh, and I have an art auction benefit to attend that Sunday afternoon.

The last weekend in April, which in my mind was the 31st, we were supposed to finish our new bathroom off of the den. I've only just realized that that weekend doesn't actually exist and therefore find myself in a conundrum.

The following weekend (May 2 if you're playing along) we have a Derby party to attend on Friday night (fun dress! big hat! MINT JULEPS!) I may or may not have to work at a photoshoot for my job on Saturday. Saturday night we're going to the O's for a graduation and birthday party. Sunday afternoon I'm hosting a baby shower for a girlfriend (you should see the cutest stuff ever I've made! I'll share later!) I'm also hosting bunco later that week.

May 10 I have my sorority alumni meeting, service project, and afternoon sisterhood event. That evening is our Spring Cocktail at a local jazz club. I was also invited to a packing and moving party but that's not going to happen. But isn't that a clever idea? Lure people over with the promise of food and drinks and then while they're there, BAM! give them some boxes and bubble wrap and tell them to have at it.

May 16 and 17 we're going to the Scenic City to visit the O's and Addy, who is finally back in the South. I'm also taking half our house to put in the O's garage sale. Don't tell my husband as it's his half that I'm taking.

The following weekend we're loading up and taking a roadtrip north to the mountains. We'll visit my Pappy and family and also the ever precious Pie and Tart. Then the weekend after that, the last weekend in May J is loading up thirty pounds of goods on my back, sending me five miles into the woods and having me eat and sleep there. Yes, it's the long talked about backpacking trip. Yikes!

Ok so the point is we totally deserved the old fogie weekend, don't you think?

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