Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I should have had another OBP

Vacation was wonderful and just what I needed. We stayed at the fabulous Gaylord Palms Resort and wowza! was it nice. The inside atriums were amazing. They had gardens, swamps, ponds, treehouses, alligators, a reptile house, a large sailboat that floated in a pond, it was a restaurant that doubled as a night-life bar. There was also a dueling paino bar, a mini-mall, several restauratnts, coffee shops, etc. and some amazing pools and hottubs outside. We also visited my family while we were and that was really nice. My 90-year-old great-grandmother wasn’t nearly as hateful as she usually is. We left just before family time was too much time and visited our friends the LN’s for lunch. It was so nice to see them, catch up, and check out their new condo. We also spent some time at the beach and found a fabulous little beach front bar. It looked like a total dive, and somewhat was, but it had the best food and great prices. It also had a Florida exclusive brewed beer, the Orange Blossom Pilsner, of which we might have enjoyed too much. I think its may favorite ever and you know I’m a fan of the Downtown Nut Brown. OBP was a lot like Blue Moon but with a bit of honey and more orange. Delicious! In fact I’ve decided the cost of the flight is worth it to get more of that good stuff. All in all it was a great trip. With Allegiant Air (and there gazillion taxes and fees) it’s quite affordable and hopefully J and I can skip down there more often. I’d love to see that side of my family a little more.

I did in fact make it to the airport and to the rental car place in time. First of all I’d like to say that Allegiant will nickel and dime the hell out of a person. There is no complimentary beverage service. Can you believe that? With my prime real estate I expected a shot of whiskey (because I’m a good Southern girl like that) and foot massage. Instead I was given a menu with $2 cans of soda. Puh-leeze! Mama doesn’t play that game and the flight is an hour and half including runway time and being taxied to the concourse. On the return trip I requested that the husband and I be seated together so I was bumped from my prime real estate seat to row 33. For you who are curious row 33 is when they use a tow strap and bungee cords and on the tail of the plane. I knew I should have sold that seat. Also J had an actual suitcase that needed to be checked. Do you know what the baggage fee is if you didn’t pre-pay? That would be a whopping $20 per bag! It’s no wonder their actual fare price is so inexpensive. Good thing that was put on the company card since it was for his business trip after all.

When I arrived Wednesday night and approached the rental car area of the airport I didn’t see my rental car place listed. Oh aye! aye! aye! that was bad! I approached another desk and explained my plight to which he replied that it was across the street. I pictured me and my hot pink rolling suitcase sprinting across six lanes of traffic. He said it was just out the door. Well, I did go just out the door. And crossed the little airport street, went down a breezeway that nearly lead me back to Tennessee, crossed another little airport street, meandered through yet another breezeway of which made me chilly as I was nearly in Canada by this point, I rounded the corner and there it was! I didn’t get to me Rah (Rob? Rod?) but I did meet Alex, who brought me coffee and I nearly offered to French kiss him at that moment as it was far past my bedtime and I’d had a long day. But Alex looked like the type to take me up on that offer so instead I just gave him my best Southern Belle thank you. He was baffled that I didn’t want cream or sugar and insisted it was because I was already so sweet. It was then that Alex also tried to upsale my rental car preference. I assured him the smallest, least expensive car out there would do and I got a little wink and “I’ll put you in something real nice.” I refrained from telling him about the jalopy I was expecting with my name on it. I received curb side assistance with my very own G6 that was quite nice (although now the Charger we were upgraded to on a previous trip). It could also get up and go as I was doing 90 and thought I was sitting still. Of course by the time I hit 90 I slammed on the breaks because the stinking toll roads mapquest gave me included seven tolls and $5.50 all within a 40 miles radius. You’re welcome state of Florida. Could you send me a complimentary OBP now?

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