Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I'm growing up

I had to have my blood drawn today for a new asthma study (yes, I'm a guinea pig) that I'm part of. I told the nurse that I'm a big baby and I should lay down. She spent 30 minutes tying that little thing around my arm which I hatehatehate and tapping my arms trying to find a vein. She checked both arms profusely and said she wanted to get it right so she only had to stick me once.

"Oh don't worry. You will only stick me once! It's a one shot deal."

I think she was afraid.

So she took my blood and I survived. I pictured myself running on the beach and stopping for an OBP and althought I didn't like it and it sucked and I was nervous, I didn't cry. No siree Bob!

Perhaps this means that one day I will be able to have kids after all.

And at the end of all this study schmudy stuff I get a nice $400 check for paticipating. I'd say that helped ease the pain.

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